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Vancouver, BC B-Boy

  Samson, representing Wizards from Vancouver, Canada is a young bboy who's up and coming in the scene. Some of his recently accomplishments include a Freestyle Session Canada win, Now or Never anniversary 2014 and 2015, and more local and out if province events. After checking out some big events internationally he's been more than hungry to travel and compete. Coming from a martial arts tricking background and capoeira, Samson aims to bring something different to the game. IG:Samsonnicolle 

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NYC Models

KILLA / Life style  IG: ktoneill / briannamellon1     

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Long Beach Artist

  Pressure makes Diamonds  Outer Limits Tattoo since 1927!artists-at-long-beach-shop/caqe    

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LA Skater

Isiah Hilt Skate / Street Performer /Actor / TMT / ATB Compton  IG: Isiahhilt

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